Tetavon - The Kingdom

One half of a millennium ago, the Evil that dwelled in the sinks grew in power until the confines of the swampy moors known as The Sinks would no longer contain it and it’s foul presence began to flow out of the swamplands and into the areas inhabited by the Ancient Races, ravening, pillaging, raping, and generally making a complete nuisance of themselves as they spread, slowly eliminating the Ancient Races.

From another land on this world, a family of adventurers from the house of Leudorf made the decision, after hearing the many stories of refugees from Tetavon, to use the resources of his kingdoms and raise a crusade to drive Evil out of the lands of Tetavon and perhaps to spread the cause of Good into a land where it had not been known before. Raising a force of men and others then embarking them aboard ships, they journeyed the many weeks from their home to land upon the shores of Tetavon.

Initially, they met little resistance except from the aquatic minions such as Troglodytes and such that resided near the shores of Tetavon. Securing a lodgment upon the shore with the aid of the Aquatic Elves (Mermen), the forces of Lord Leudorf subdued the resistance on the shorelines and established a base camp near the present day city of Hambrayton. Many forays into the surrounding countryside were needed in order to survey the terrain, locate the Evil forces, and to make contact with the few remaining humans and Ancients left.

Initially, the Ancient Races were hesitant to emerge from the woods and mountains where they had taken refugee. But as they made contact more often, they realized that the only way they would be able to re-take their homeland was to enlist the aid of the human forces from the other lands. As each of the races emerged, humans made contact with them and learned their ways, their social aspects, their way of life and slowly adapted their own ways to the Ancient ways.

First to meet the humans, were the Halflings, who resided near the Northern Woods, whose diminutive stature and normal looks made them easy to assimilate into the culture if the humans. More difficult the Dwarves and the Elves, slowly emerging from the mountains and woods where their races had taken shelter, meeting with the envoys of the humans and gradually, over the years, accepting the offers of assistance from the humans. Realizing that if the humans were allowed to make a hold on the lands that they would never leave, but accepting that this was the only way they would be able to re-conquer their ancestral homes, they began to work grudgingly with humankind to seek the defeat of Evil in Tetavon.

Tetavon - The Kingdom

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