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This is the main page for the GURPS campaign run by Bronco. It is in the planning stages and will not be completed for quite some time. As a neo world building process goes, the development of a world is fraught with long hours of development, map making, city population, encounters creation, and all of the other myriad things that must be done in order to develop a campaign. This will be an ongoing process and having found this software called Obsidian Portal and a web site for the name. I’m very happy to put all of my campaign information on this web site in order to make it more readily available to the players involved in the game and I became an Ascendant Member immediately. To the visitors that come to the site, I appreciate you taking the time to look and leaving any comments that you might like to leave. I’ve been a role player since the original boxed brown Dungeons and Dragons set back at UCLA in the early seventies and applied off and on for that entire era. I ran a game with regular players for about eight years and continued to play off and on since then.

Beginning (or shall I say Corrupted) with my brother Steve at UCLA and a few other players from the “Drang Nach Osten” group, we used graph paper, poker chips with white advehise tape on it to show our magical devices carried, and I still have the original boxed set of dice from Lou Zoochi games. Struggled against a Vampire and got slaughtered in the first game. Yes, I still remember it.

I hope you enjoy the development process of Kingdom of Tetavon. I will try to make additions to it every day and the players of the campaign will receive regular emails about updates as they occur. As the game gets more developed, I’ll hopefully it allow more players into the game. The game is run using software by Battlegrounds as a Virtual Table Top system and at the beginning will be kind of an experiment in progress. Hopefully, this process will bear fruit since I miss playing with my friends around the country. I’m glad to discovered this software and get us together again.

Old friends are the best friends.

Main Page

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