Over 5000 years ago, before time immemorial, the Dwarves of the Windstone mountains established a foothold in the mountains in the northern portion of Tetavon. There the Dwarven people establish a foothold in the mountains beginning mining, excavation, and creating a home for their people. They lived in the mountains for many years creating a vast underground nation that encompassed many miles of underground, labyrinths, lairs, and pitfalls. In addition to the many miles of excavations, they created farms which grew all of their needs underground, with plants which can grow without sun such as mushrooms, fungi, and other plants. The Dwarves of the mountains also created small farms in the valleys and vales for plants which required sunlight and were able to grow and prosper.

In addition to providing for their physical needs, the Dwarves of the mountains were able to mine the mountains for mineral needs and fashion armor and weapons from the mountain resources. In short order, the work of the Dwarves became known throughout the land of Tetavon and very soon they were able to make weapons and armor of renowned. They were easily saleable in the nearby villages and towns and soon became desired by all of the nobles and war years throughout the country. The reputation of the Dwarven armorers and weapon smiths continue to this day.

The Dwarves of the Windstone mountains have also created a form of government called the Dwarfmoot or ”The Council of Ten.” The Council is noted for a number of unusual rules which improves the attendance to the council of the adjudicating members.

The first rule is free beer is granted to all council members. The Maester of the Draught is responsible for allocating a tankard to each member but only a tankard at a time. Each Dwarf supplies his own clan tankard. The Maester wears a silver tankard upon a golden chain and a golden tap in his belt to a gigantic cask on the Dwarfmoot floor.

The second rule is that every meeting, every clan elects its own leader, a new one each meeting. In addition, a new council leader is elected each meeting. The Council meets once a quarter and has a heavy agenda but many times discussions continue on for many months as the clans cannot agree.

The Council votes on political items and other questions by dividing into sections to the right and left and many times, brawls break out in the center of the room as factions disagree on how the vote is going. This nearly always guarantees a healthy brawl occurs at the Dwarfmoot, accompanied by slurs, curses, imprecations, oaths, something every Dwarven warrior hungers for on a regular basis.

The clans are known as:

1. Sword Clan
2. Red Beard’s Clan
3. The Axe Mob
4. Diamond Clan
5. Granite Herd
6. Gandar’s Gang
7. Sheild Group
8. Warhammer Clan
9. The Fuzzy Claw Clan
10. Da Feet

Needless to say, things typically move very slowly in the Dwarven world …


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