Thrud the Slasher

Barbarian, Human, extremely muscular and trim,Brown Hair and Blue Eyes 6'6'' 235 lbs 22 years old


ST-14, DX-12, IQ-9, HT-12, HP-14, Will-11, Per-11, FP-12


Thrud grow up on the plains east of Tetavon. He does not know of what people he is from.
He was found, as a young child, by a merchant family on one of the caravan trails leading to Tetavon from the eastern plains. This family took him in to raise as one of their own even though they already had 4 children 3 sons and one daughter. As he grew he became more involved with the packing and loading of the merchandise than the trading, buying or selling as the other boys were. This is not to say he does not know a good and fair deal when he sees it. He just never had the patients for all of the wheeling and dealing back and forth.
One day, in his early teens, on one of the many caravan trips to Tetavon the caravan was attacked by bandits. The woman he called mother was killed by the banits. He sworn then that no bandit would live but for a short time after meeting him. From that day since when not working with his father and brothers in the business of trading he is training in the use of the sword. At the age of 20 he decided to go out on his own. When he can he will stop by the bank in Tetavon and leave some money for his father to help with the family business.

Thrud the Slasher

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