Clarissa (doesnt use her last name)


Clarissa Wellington born to Callville and Belinda Wellington. The Callville family is 14th in line of succession to the throne and Clarissa is the third of four children. Brought up as a pampered young lady of a royal house to be used to marry into another family, maintain the tradition of cementing political ties, she was also taught her letters and sums. As part of her training to go to court, she was taught etiquette, courtly dancing and could sing to entertain the court and she hated every bit of it.

She prefers being called ’Rissa and never mentions her last name or her family. Her prefered outfit is peasant clothes, a ragged hat and barefoot. With her hair up under the hat and her slight build, she looks like a young boy. She is more at home in the stables or the kennels helping a mare foal, a bitch give birth, or helping heal an injured animal. She is very fond of wandering the woodlands outside the castle grounds.

Several years ago she met an elderly lady in the woods. The locals said she was a witch but ’Rissa knew she was too nice to be a witch. The old lady was tough and not above swatting ’Rissa with a willow branch if ’Rissa became too lax as the crone taught her the studies of the wild. ’Rissa was like a wild thing herself running through the woods with no concerns. Quick to laugh watching the the kits and cubs learning to hunt from their parents, quiet and respectful when watching others hunt and make their kills, interested when observing who ate first from the kills, at home in the brutality and beauty of the wild.

Feeling trapped and confined when at home or just being around many people, she is quick to anger when she hears what she perceives as threats to what she conciders her animals and forests.
Having to be forceably removed from more than three court functions, she has been asked to leave several others. When the old lady of the forest told ‘Rissa that there was no more that she could teach ’Rissa and feeling alone at home (with the possible exception of her father), ’Rissa decided it was time to leave the nest (so to speak).
Wench 13
’Rissa had been collecting gear to leave for awhile and she decided that the best time to leave was when the whole family was to go visit the King in the capital city of Tetavon. ’Rissa threw such a fuss and caused so much trouble that her parents figured it would make for a easier trip to just leave her home (which was ’Rissa’s plan in the first place). After ’Rissa’s family had left it was easy to evade the nursemaids and the majordomo, to collect her gear and to cut her pretty strawberry blonde hair to boys length in a ragged cut. Dressed as a peasent and carrying a bag of scraps from the kitchen, it was easy to pass the keep’s guards. It wasnt until the next day that anyone noticed she was gone. The major domo sent a rider after the family. Lord Callville and his family could not turn back as their visit was a command from the king. Lord Callville sent most of his guard back to assist in looking for his daughter.

But she was never found.

But every once in a while, a family of farmers shows up to see Lord Callville with a note that says “These are good farmers and people” … and there is a lock of strawberry blonde hair in the note.

Clarissa (doesnt use her last name)

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