Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!

On behalf of Ammir, the pseudodragon,who spent most of the game crouched in a tree away from the flashing steel, thanks for a fun time.

I enjoyed the engagement versus the Goblins along the Forest Trail and they are slowly learning a communal knowledge about how to fight the party better, even though they ended up fleeing at the end. The engagement against the Hobgoblins went well indeed, though Thrud, in his normal display of emotion went berserk, madly thrashing all and sundry with green skin and straggly black hair wielding rusty weapons until he dropped (which he did, eventually), and the dwarf Varg swung her war hammer mightily with her beard tucked into her plate mail so as not to trip over it until she, too, was finally struck a mightily blow and fell to a hobgoblin’s thunderous whack. She was not to rise again until treated later by a delinquent Rissa, who joined the party after all the excitement with Captain Leonard from her side excursion, whatever that was.

Dayne was able with Rissa’s assistance to provide healing ministrations to the party and also sealed the tomb the party had attempted to breech when they were set upon by the Hobgoblins. Although the tomb was sealed in earth, they could still hear the sounds of digging. Eltarra and Lucio struggled with Angel and Dayne to scoop up the wounded bodies of Thrud and Varg and stumble off with them bundled in a cloak, fleeing the area of the tomb, back down the road to a nearby farmhouse.¬†

Along the road, they met Rissa and Leonard, who of course were very curious as to what happened, seeing the condition of the main fighters. Eltarra, with a little pique in her voice, looked to Leonard and said, “Well, I don’t know if you’ll appreciate the state of current events but we just got our lunches eaten and handed back to us wrapped in wax paper!” Leonard decided¬†that, discretion proving at this point to be the better part of valor, he should stop Rissa from saying anything untoward, and they helped the party carry the wounded off to the nearby farmhouse to be healed.

So we will see how the intrepid party does in their next encounter as they continue to persevere in their quest for the Tomb of General Pharis and his Book of Military Engineering and the other treasures of the Goblin’s Lair.


"Save Me, Dayne. Oh, Save Me!"

Today (Martin Luther King’s Day), we held a game and the characters (Dayne and Thrud) spent the day moving around Bromswater, taking care of some odds and ends, since the caravan with Lucio, the caravan master, was not going to be in town until the following day. Outriders from the caravan had arrived in the city and the Ostlers had prepared the commons area for the caravans arrival, although it was not a big caravan, amounting to only 25-30 animals.

Dayne and Thrud heard that Avery of Ducote, the diplomat from the royal court who hired the team, was coming into town that afternoon and that Radher, his hired rogue, wanted to get together with the party and pass on a message to them. Radher arranged a meeting through Bruce, the drago-boy, and Dayne and Thrud met Radher at the market square. He advised them that Avery wanted to meet with them and had news that would affect their commission with him. Avery would meet them at the Wench and Purse Inn that evening at sundown.

As Dayne and Thrud were about to leave, Dayne began hearing a telepathic plea for rescue from one of the vendors stall and as it turned out,a captured pseudodragon that had been seized and was going to be sold as a meat delicacy was being sold and Dayne bought him to save him. The pseudodragon’s name was Ammir and since it didn’t know where its home was, it adopted Dayne and Thrud as its new friends. The fact that Dayne and Thrud fed him cheese as they walked along didn’t hurt.

They got the diamond they acquired in the previous adventure appraised and checked for magic and may have acquired a magical patron named Uvytor and his blink dog.

A Chance Encounter in Silk

The party began its journey in the morning, spending the first day in the saddle and during the middle of the afternoon, arrived in a small Ville astride the road. There, they saw a throng of villagers gather around a body lying on the ground and a large amount of gore soaked into the grass. Next to the body, on the other side of the throng of people, lay a horse, also dead from multiple wounds. After talking with the people and not getting much information, they learned that a group of half-orc bandits had waylaid two men on horseback, killed one man and carried off the other.

Thrud found the path of the main party and followed them parallel to the main road, eventually leading to the area near their camp. As Thrud approached and Rissa and Dayne followed, Thrud was jumped by one and then two more of the half-orcs and he put up a lively fight. Rissa was jumped by two more, who she subdued by casting a spider silk spell and then slaying then when they were entangled. This was prophetic as Dayne, advancing on four of the half-orcs and casting lightning spells at them, tripped the trigger hairs and sprung a giant trapdoor spider to the attack. The spider grabbed Dayne and although failing to bite him, started to ensnarl him in spider silk. Rissa, seeing Dayne in danger, cast a druidic spell to sooth the spider and make him retreat and Dayne finished off the half-orcs.

Thrud meanwhile, finished with his three half-orc opponents taking only minor damage and penetrated the half-orc camp where he discovered a human bound and gagged next to the fire. The human turned out to be Sir Chaeld of Erril, a Knight of The Briar Rose, one of the Military Orders of Tetavon, who as a knight, was eligible for the players to return to Tetavon for ransom. They returned with Sir Chaeld and received their ransom for him and the thanks of Roger of Agriblue, Knight Commander of the Knights of The Briar Rose and received a Warrant from the order in thanks for their service.

Floating Licenses Acquired!!
Floating Licenses

Stephen (Playing the role of Dayne Crazy Eyes) was kind enough to purchase two Floating Licenses for the Battlegrounds System so we no longer have to worry about Lewis (in the role of Thrud) timing out and having to log back in. Thanks to Steve and he get a cookie!

He also figured out a way to get rid of the annoying white halo on his “Dayne” token so now he will blend in with the maps. Good job!

We Get A Commission to Bromswater

In a meeting in the Central Market, Dayne was approached by a well-dressed man who said that he had heard that we were looking for employment of a legal type and he had a need for such a group of men/ He said his name was Avery of Ducote, a diplomat in the court of King Lewdorff and he need a party to travel south to Bromswater to pick a book that was being return to Tetavon. A caravan trader named Lucio would be moving to secondary caravan, that is a caravan that had already broken down its primary load and was transportingits secondary load of higher quality goods on ito the interior of tetavon to the main markets of the country that the nobles patronize.p.

Dayne questioned Lord Avery and arranged to meet him the next evening at the Wooden Leg inn and Avery met them there as promised. He offered the group 250 GP to pick up his personal copy of Pharis’ Book of Military Engineering, a well-known book of siege engineering that is used only by the highest ranking generals of Tetavon’s military. The question in Dayne’s mind was why did Avery need a group to retrieve property that was rightfully his? Nevertheless, he agreed to take the commission and the party of Thrud, Clarissa and Dayne departed the next morning.

The stable-boy had prepared four horses for the group. It had been hard to find a horse large enough for Thrud, he being largish in size. But the boy had done a good job and had loaded the fourth horse with supplies for the journey.

The adventure begins.

Daily Happenings - The 7th day of the Third Week

From Dayne -

I’m not sure what happened earlier today. I regain consciousness in the middle of a charred field with my clothes smoking.

I lay there dazed until Rissa came up, and finding me among the smoking grass, gently shook me by the shoulder and asked me about my condition.

I wittily replied “Huh?”.

Rissa said “Where are your eyebrows?”. She gently brushed my left cheek and said, “And you have a sunburn. How long have you been lying here?”

I touched my cheek with my fingeetips and deftly replied “Huh?”.

Rissa said “Perhaps it’s time to take you back to the inn”. I agreed with “Huh?”

Rissa had come looking for me at the field that I practiced at when I didn’t return and she had brought Thrud along for protection, just in case I had run into trouble. Thrud picked me up by the ewaistbelt and tucked me under his arm and we made our way back to the Wooden Leg. I must say I didn’t like the way he was smiling as we walked back.

Fortunately, a Major Healing restored my memory but not my eyebrows. I can only assume that one of the spells during practice was especially vigorous. Perhaps, one of the lightning variety. That would explain the missing eyebrows.

I still don’t recall much of what happened.


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