Azure  a lion rampant regardant argent   lord lewdorff  king of tetavon

Tetavon was founded over 500 years ago and is currently ruled by King Lewdorff from the central city located in the heart of the continent. The current kingdom is administered by several small Duchies, controlled by hereditary rulers who have held their positions of power for many years.

A campaign in its beginning stages with GURPS as the main engine and Battlegrounds as the gaming mechanism, allowing players from all over the world to compete. Currently players from Illinois, North Carolina, and Nevada. Based in the Central Time Zone (San Antonio, TX).

If you like the GURPS sysytem of running the chracter you want and not being hide-bounded by character classes or limits anmd are willing to play on the Internet from anywhere in the world, contact the Game master at for more information.

In the development of the background of the campaign, a large amount of research material was gleaned from the source Wikipedia. the Online Encyclopedia. If you have a moment, please visit the site and DONATE to the organization. This site would no benearly as comlete with out the information they have provided.


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